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Accelerated Ventures LLC (Acc-Ven) is a business accelerator based in Hartford, Connecticut.

What We Do

Acc-Ven provides partner companies with the start-up, ramp-up, and other business and risk management guidance they need to accelerate their growth and achieve success. We help founders identify and address critical success factors and help management teams navigate around problems that could impede or frustrate a new venture.

Acc-Ven can help transform your market-worthy idea into an investment-worthy company™ and, then, help guide it through a successful launch and ramp up.

How We Operate

At Accelerated Ventures, we work with participating companies on a cash-free basis, for an equity share in the venture. Accordingly, our financial interests are fully aligned with ownership. Our success depends entirely on the success of our partner companies, reflecting the value of our advice.

Who We Are

Acc-Ven was formed by Hartford law firm, Cohn Birnbaum & Shea P.C. (CB&S) and Acc-Ven's CEO, Joel Martin Hartstone.

Through AV Fund Management LLC, Mr. Hartstone serves as CEO of Acc-Ven. He also serves as Entrepreneur-in-Residence (and Counsel) at CB&S. Prior to a thirty-year career as a serial entrepreneur, investment banker, business consultant, and turn-around manager, Mr. Hartstone served as Chief Investment Counsel in the Aetna Life & Casualty Law Department and as managing member of a law firm representing major financial institutions regarding new investment and asset recovery matters. He is the creator/author of the StoneGate One Day MBA Program and remains a Managing Director of StoneGate Capital Group LLC.

Cohn Birnbaum & Shea P.C. is a business oriented law firm that has been at the forefront of innovation in delivering value to clients since its founding in 1976. CB&S is the first Connecticut-based law firm to add an Entrepreneur-in-Residence to directly serve clients and the first small law firm (under 100 lawyers) in America to create an affiliated business accelerator.

Contact Us

Accelerated Ventures LLC
100 Pearl Street; 12th Floor
Hartford, CT 06103
Phone: (860) 493-2211
Fax: (860) 218-9678